Making It Great Again


Promises.  Does anyone live up to them?  Does a promise made by one person become an unrealistic expectation of another?

I think I am over the anger and bitterness and disgust that I harbored for him and what we had done.   But with letting go, those feelings of love and lust and adoration come creeping back in.

I want it to end.  And I want it all back.  If this is anyyhing close to what hell feels like, I really need to pray more.




H – how do you live with yourself

A – acknowledge what you’ve done

T – treat me with respect 

E – even under these circumstances 

Pop ….


images…. how quickly time flies.   It has been more than a year since I have been on this site.   I can’t say much has changed.   Time does not heal.   The only part of Jack that is left  is the weasel popping out of this box.   I keep shoving him back in but something draws me to turn the handle to watch him pop out again.   Some days I ache for the truth.   Truth is I will never know the truth.   Truth is .. the truth is what I feel, what I believe, and what I know.   I can believe  the good.  Or I can believe  the evil.   Everyday is a different truth.   Conflicted.  Like this fucking toy.