I am inside of a small box.   I am surrounded by sweetness that melts in your mouth.  And I have had a few nuts rub up against me.

You can’t wait to tear into the box to get to me.  You’re excited to find out what’s inside.   You want me more than the food that will give you nourishment.

You rip me open with excitement.  You are happy!  Even amazed!  You can’t believe what you’ve found inside.  A treasure you can call yours.   I’m fun.  I’m new.  You clutch me in your hand with your sweaty palms.

And just as quickly you discard me with no remorse. Something better comes along.  And I’m not even a memory.  I’m nothing more than a Set Aside Prize.

And this is my story … The Story of Jack…I hope you enjoy your surprise.


6 thoughts on “Surprise!

      • My emotional side is sympathizing with those posts but my moral part is not. So I was curious if this was fiction or not. People are hypocrites like that. ;P

      • Oh believe me, my moral side does not sympathize with me either. I am not a victim. I did this to myself. I fully expect to take a beating from reader and deserve the abuse. I cannot justify it, other than so say I did not mean for it to happen, it just did. Sadly, I cannot say that I have any regrets and I struggle with that.

      • Ahh, when morality comes and bites you in the ass AFTER you do the deed. 😛

        All I can say -with good intentions- is take this as a sign to end things and try your best to move on. It’s easier said than done, I know, but it’s a good chance for you do that when the other party (Jack) has pretty much cut off all communication between you two.

        Wish you all the best whichever way it turns out~

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