I need your help ..



Many of you know my story.  Now, I need your help.  I need your advice. Jack will not talk to me.  I am in therapy now.  I just need to know.

Was I the only one? Or one of many?

Do I beg for one last answer from him?


10 thoughts on “I need your help ..

  1. sassygirl40

    Is the answer actually going to help you? How will it help?
    Will begging for an answer work, and what is your plan if it doesn’t?

      • sassygirl40

        Will you believe any answer he gives you? Is he someone who still has your trust? I don’t believe any guy is ever going to say “it was a game”.

        I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t trust him, just be aware that sometimes we use the “I just have one last question” to make contact but it only hurts more afterwards.

    • I could have used that advice years ago. I’ve decided not to contact him because I won’t believe what he says anyway . I know the truth. Accepting it is another journey.

  2. It doesn’t matter what he says. You have to concentrate on loving yourself. Find ways to believe in yourself. What is in the past can’t be undone the future is there for the taking. You can’t change him or what happened you can work on you. Remember the good but don’t grieve for it ..it was a rite of passage , learn from the bad but don’t let it dominate you. You have a new world waiting

  3. Good. I am glad.Luckily there isn’t just one person we can love in our lives there are many …all in different ways maybe …some more some less intense. When you are ready you will find the right one…until then look at others factors that make you happy and fulfilled and put your energies into them. Happiness comes from within.x

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