“It can never happen to me”



Have you ever said those words?  I have.  Many times.  I was wrong. And I shake in my own skin as I write this.

You all know of my fairy-tale romance:
The Story of Jack

I recently found out that everything I had with Jack was a lie.  It had happened to me.   My first reaction was to expose him for who he is and what he does.  But for what reason?  And at what cost?    I am not the first he had done this to.  And I will not be the last.

Women don’t want to hear the truth when they are on the middle of being manipulated, by Jack or anyone else for that matter.   Men like Jack have a way a making you feel special, different, like you are the only one that understands him.  He needs you.  The way that Jack spoke to me, the times he layed in bed and “cried” with me, the way I felt with his arms around me,  the lies he told to make me think that we had a connection.   All are a part of his emotional warfare. 

Later after the excitement wears off, he is perpetrating his next victim while making you feel like you are crazy.  Like you are the one with the problem.   Like you are the reason things changed.  Truth is he has no time for you anymore.  Your mere existence is a bother.  But he won’t be the one to cut the strings because he still wants to dangle you by a thread.   Eventually the string does break and you come tumbling down. Get up bitch.  You can do it.

I told you “Don’t get attached.”    Somehow this statement he made in the beginning makes it easier for him to sleep at night.

I prayed for Jack everynight.  Prayed for good health for his wife.  Prayed that God would bless him with a child. Was that a lie too?  His desire to have a child?  Let’s hope so.  Men like Jack have no business dabbling in procreation.   My prayers for him will be different going forward.  One day he will be absent from my prayers altogether. One day.

The saddest part?  Well, I gave him a part of me that I gave no one else.  A part of me that I will never get back.  Men like Jack feast on that.  The conquer.  It’s no surprise he lives with demons inside of him.  How silly of me to think I was the one to change that.   The one to make a difference in his life.  The one to show him what true love is.  Oh, silly girl!

And the best part?  The best part is I have closure and I can move on while he suffers in his bubble filled with foolish women who thinks he is as awesome as he thinks he is. How I wish I could be there to see the bubble pop, or better yet to stick a pin in it.

DId I get what I deserved?  Probably. But  I’m better than that.  I know it.  And he knows it.


2 thoughts on ““It can never happen to me”

  1. This is so relatable to my story. I went through a breakup recently with someone I loved more dearly than my life, and he was exactly like this guy you have mentioned.
    Yes, I did think it can never happen to me.. but it did !
    All I can do now is just smile about the memories and never forget the lessons.
    This post made me smile. Thank you 🙂

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