Jack Came Back.



He was back.  For a brief moment he was back.  Just long enough to remind me that timing is everything.   Just long enough to prove that everything does happen for a reason.

For months I was angry and confused.  I asked myself why everyday.  I blamed Jack for the reason I felt sick and out of control.  How could he have done this without giving me any answers?  Was I special or just one of many?  Did I really allow myself to be manipulated?    Or did I manipulate him?  I was sick.  It felt like I had been poisoned by his love.

For nearly nine months I was poked and prodded on in ways that animals shouldn’t be touched, let alone humans. I was put on different medications, each of them having side effects of their own. I was going through a personal hell that no one could relate to. Finally, I would find out that I had been poisoned.  My body was releasing toxins that made me feel tired, weak, depressed and defeated.   Almost immediately after surgery I felt euphoric.

I let Jack know I was having surgery and I let him know all went well. I would want him to do the same for me, although I doubt he would. That was the extent of our conversation. For most of my recovery Jack was out of the country. Last I checked they had internet service in foriegn lands. Jack was able to connect daily to check his email, but not the email account we used to chat with, he was way too busy for that. It didn’t stop me from emailing him from time to time to let him know he was on my mind. I would want him to do the same for me, but there was no doubt, I knew he wouldn’t do that because he never has. Oddly enough it didn’t bother me.

Although the past ten months has taken a toll on my body, I was feeling the best I have in almost a year, both mentally and physically. I was in control again. By the time Jack got back to the states. I was one day away from being released with no restrictions from my surgeon.

I’m back, you miss me perchance? his email said. I was glad he was back. I was glad he was safe. I missed him and he knew it. Our emails back and forth that day were flirtatious and made me laugh. It felt like it did when we first met. I knew immediately that Jack was OK. I knew that he wasn’t depressed, or angry or even upset. I knew he wasn’t tortured by memories of us. I knew he was happy. It was all I needed to realize and understand that the only reason things happened the way they did between us is because that’s what he chose for us.

I emailed a few more times over the next few days with no response. His life had gone back to what it was which meant no time for me. But this time it was different. It didn’t make me sad or angry. And I didn’t get depressed or even question why. I smiled and I laughed. And it felt good. I am happy. And I am healthy. And I knew that I didn’t need Jack in my life to be able to laugh, or even to make me smile ear to ear.

While I may no longer have a need for Jack in my life, I do still have a burning desire. I always will. I loved love Jack. But I will never again lower my standards or compromise my integrity for any man, let alone a man who can’t show me enough respect to check his goddamn email and give me five minutes a day of his precious time.

And this…this is my choice.


3 thoughts on “Jack Came Back.

    • I did. I don’t think the door will ever be completely closed. But I have a better understanding of things today. I miss him every day. But with my health I have also found my happiness again. Hope you are well.

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