Things I Love


1There are certain things that I just adored about Jack.

I loved that when we went to eat that he would share a meal with me.

I loved that he was willing to try new things.

I loved that he was willing and eager to introduce new things to me.

I loved it when he told me stories about his country.

I loved the comfort that I felt with him at every moment.

I loved being in front of him on an escalator and
he’d pull my hair back and kiss my neck.

I loved to hear him say “I love you, babe”

I loved having his hands on me, even when my clothes were on.

I loved showering with him and I am regretful that
we didn’t use that tub for a bubble bath.

I loved just laying in bed with him and talking.

I loved hearing him laugh.

I loved how he would make me laugh.

I loved the way the clicked with each other.

I loved our connection.

I loved standing on a street corner with
my arms wrapped around his waist.

I loved stopping in the middle of a walk for that public display of affection.

I loved that he was never in a hurry to do anything and
if we didn’t do everything he was OK with that.

I loved people watching with him.

I loved feeling like I was the only other person in the room.

I loved the texts he would send me.

I loved being his sweetheart.

I loved that he thought I was funny and witty and smart.

I loved that he thought I was beautiful even without makeup.

I loved that he always shared his breakfast with me.

This list could go on forever ……
……. but I hate that all of this is written in past tense.



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