Just a Memory


th….  but you are such an amazing memory.

Our last rendezvous was the best.   I left with a mind full of memories and a heart full of love.   It was different this time, although it was still painful when we departed, but we knew we would see each other again.  Or, at least I knew we would see each other again.  Well, at least I thought we would see each other again.   Regardless of how it ended, I am glad we were in that frame of mind when we were together because it is what made this trip the best.

The sex was absolutely amazing.   The first time was always the same, I liked it that way.  Jack would climb on top of me and fuck me like he owned me.   He did own me.   And I loved the feeling.   Over the next three days the sex became more passionate and intimate.

Each time we saw each other we would try something different.   This time I was able to crawl on top of him and show him who was in control.   As he was sucking on my nipples my hips were grinding his.   Nothing turned me on more than seeing his big hands on my tits and his mouth on my nipples.   Only a few times did we have sex in the dark.   Most of the time the lights were usually on or the day light was shining into the room.

I remember shoving a pillow under his head to give him some support to continue to suck my nipples as his hands grabbed my ass.  At the same time he would raise his hips and go deeper inside of me.  The thrusting was out of control.   By the time we came we were both dripping wet, first with sweat and then with cum.

After all the moaning was over I kissed him and laid on his chest.   We were hot and sweaty and our hearts were pounding.  It made for a nice afternoon nap.

We did this twice during that visit.  The last time was the last time we had sex.  Although I was on top he reminded me who was in control and made me beg him not to stop.   He didn’t.  But I would have begged for as long as I had to.  I knew what I wanted.  And I was determined to get it.


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