Third Time’s a Charm



With our first two encounters we wasted time grieving because we knew we’d never see each other again.  This time was different.  We were bonded.  And we knew our love would never die.

Two nights and three days together.  It was the most precious time I had ever spent with a man.  I cherished him.  And I cherished our time together.

Little did we know this actually would be the last time we would see each other.  He could not go a year without me.  He became numb.  He felt empty.  He said he needed to see me, touch me and feel me.  I never would have guessed that he would be the one who could not handle the distance between us.

I found out later through his comments that he was mad that I didn’t go to his hometown while his wife was away on a trip.   He was also upset that I did not go with him out of the country when he was on a business trip.  How was I to explain those get aways to my husband?  Impossible.

Had one of us been single it would have been much easier.  It is hard for two people who are married to have an affair.  But had I left my husband I would have made his life miserable.  Because I would have wanted more. 

I miss hearing him laugh. I miss his witty remarks. I miss his sarcasm. I miss his intelligence. I just miss him.


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