Mind Games


I want you to fuck me.

I know it wasn’t just sexual.  How could it be?  We live hundreds of miles apart. Is this the true definition of “mind fuck”?

As I lay here I remember your wet kisses.  I remember watching you as you cupped my tit and swirled your tongue around my nipple.  I loved feeling your cock get hard as you went from one nipple to the other.

I want you here.  I want to watch as you run your fingers down my stomach to find my hot pussy waiting.  I want to nudge you in the direction to the feast that waits for you.  

I can see you clearly.  I can feel your hands squeezing my tits just hard enough to hurt as you start eating me.  I remember reaching down and playing with myself as your tongue went deep inside of me.  I can hear you, “Mmm..you taste good babe”.

I’m starting to lose control Jack.  My hips are moving in a circular motion and up and down as you suck my clit.  Never stopping.   I’m moaning.  I’m wet.  I can’t wait.  

Just as I’m about to come you reach up and pinch both of my nipples.  I grab you by the hair and raise my hips so there is no where for you to go.   All stops as I orgasm except for the flow of my cum into your mouth.

My cum is hot and sweet.   I know this because of the tender kisses you gave me with my cum all over your lips.

I miss you, now more than ever.



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