Of course, when I finally arrived at the airport it was late.   I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Jack there in the empty airport waiting for me.    He was just mine.   And I was his.   Being with him is what came natural.    Our cab ride to the airport was uneventful.   Does that make me a prude? Or just show how completely innocent I am?  I had never been able to get Jack to have an orgasm when I gave him head so I was afraid to try it with Mr. Abdul driving us to the hotel.   Those damn cabs, no room and definitely no privacy.   No privacy, isn’t that what makes it exciting?  So we sat and talked and laughed.   It felt so good to be in his arms again.

When we got to our room it was clean, but it looked like the guests before us had come back to eat their take out food or something.   As I called the lobby Jack started in.   It made me giggle for him to be doing the things he was doing while I was on the phone.    After I hung up I told him that housekeeping was on the way but he didn’t skip a beat. Soon our clothes were off, our bodies were hot and we were enjoying each other.

His tongue made his way to my nipples and his fingers found their way to my wet pussy.   His cock was huge and hot and throbbing.  He started to tease me.   “Please Jack … I want you.  I want you not your finger”   I remember looking into Jack’s eyes when he was fucking me.   His hands were above my shoulders on the bed giving him a brace that would allow him to go as deep as he could.   He was fucking me hard as if his moaning was meant to say “I own you” with every thrust.   He wanted to remind me that I was his, and his only.   I needed no reminding, I was his.  And even more I loved being fucked like I was owned.

Looking back at the other two encounters we had had months before, he always did this the first time we had sex.   He got on top of me, looked me in the eyes, almost emotionless, and fucked me until his cum made me warm inside.  Maybe it was his way of releasing all of the tension that had built up between our encounters.  All I know is I enjoyed every minute of it.


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