Dear Jack,

Today is one of those days that I want to contact you.  Send you an email.  Invite you to play a game.  Look at your blog.  Something.

I’m trying to stay strong. To stay away from you.  But it is gorgeous here.  And your weather is miserable.  I pampered myself today and enjoyed the long awaited sunshine.

I remembered all the times that you were with me while I got a pedicure.  I was getting a pedicure when I “came back” and you said “I’ve missed you”.  We laughed alot that day.  Then I remembered all the recent pedicures where you were absent, like today.

I remembered the days you would walk in the park with me.  And I would see my Uncle.  I hate the park now.  Still the same amount of people there but I feel like I’m alone.

I’m weak today.  And glad I have this outlet so I don’t bother you.

Always, Jackie


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