Football Revisited


thWe made it back to the room to watch his game and get some rest before hitting the town that night.   You know how it is in hotel rooms, barely anywhere to sit so we ended up lying down to watch the game.  I don’t remember too much of the game other than the fact that his team did win.

Getting comfortable to watch the game I decided to take a few articles of clothing off.  That was his invitation to do the same.   I remember laying next to him, trying to focus on the game but I had other balls on my mind at the time.   Of course one thing led to another and we soon had all of our clothes off and we were thoroughly enjoying one another.

We had never done it doggie style before although with a little alcohol in me this is one of my favorite positions.    On his cue I rolled over and got on my hands and knees.   I was dripping wet already so after rubbing his cock on my pussy a few times he had no problem with insertion.   His hips were moving in every direction as if exploring new territory.  I could feel his hands on my back pushing me downward so he could get deeper penetration.   I grabbed the pillow and pushed it under me.   The harder he fucked me the harder I grasped the pillow.   I could feel his balls rub against my clit in a teasing way with every thrust.   I couldn’t take it anymore.   I was so wet and my heart was pounding.   I raised my hips slightly allowing him to come in under me.  At the same time I reached down and rubbed my cum in a circular motion all over my clit.   I was torn between having an orgasm and making this last forever.   I was beyond excited.  I was backing myself further into him begging him to fuck me all afternoon.  I wanted all of him.

He grabbed my hips and fucked me like I had never been fucked before.   He fucked me like he owned me.   And he did own me.   Moaning.  No, screaming, I reached down and grabbed his nuts hard and held them against my clit.   He had no choice but to pound me hard.  He was moaning now.    “Babe, Oh shit. Oh fuck. Ooohhh”   I couldn’t hold back anymore.   I begged him to come inside of me as I was having an orgasm.   His balls were so hot, then they started throbbing as he was shooting his cum deep inside of me.   I stopped moving as he climaxed allowing him to focus on the explosion.  Then in unison we moved our hips slightly and rocked back and forth for a few seconds.   Then I stretched out on the bed and he followed.   As he laid on top of me our cum that had mixed and made a cocktail of its own had found its way out of me.  Still wet and hotter than ever.

Quite honestly, this was by far the best football game I had ever watched in my life.


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