Together Again – Finally


thThe time had come.   I was on the plane headed out of town contemplating how I was going to tell my co-workers I was having an affair and that I would be meeting “the other man” in this quaint little town.  I told one of the girls to cover for me, only to find out that she had been doing the same thing for months as well.   It was a “whew” moment for sure.    We were in town only a few hours before Jack arrived.   Luckily the other co-worker had jet lag and fell to sleep early, so it was not until the next morning when she started looking for me in the hotel room that the cat was out of the bag.  All went well though.  I was not judged.

Jack arrived into town shortly before midnight.   I waited anxiously at the hotel room for him.   His cab arrived and my heart started pounding.   When I opened the door it was as if the three months that we were separated had never existed.   The sex, the passion, there are really no words for it.  But after the first go around things took a turn for the worse.   After the drinks on the plane and in town and the array of food I had eaten, I was not feeling well.   I spent most of the night in the bathroom.   Jack was amazingly sweet.   He held me and cuddled so close to me that he practically pushed me out of the bed.   “I can’t get close enough to you” he said.  My eyes swelled up with tears.   That is something Jack and I both were lacking in our marriages, affection.  Being touched, It does great things to a person.  It can make all the difference in a marriage.

The next morning we went for breakfast.   It was freezing outside.   We both hated the cold but we were glad we had each other, it could have been a blizzard for all we cared.  We enjoyed the day together taking in the sights.  Talking.  Laughing. Touching.  Enjoying.  Wanting.  Really wanting.

I finally got to be “normal” with him and watch a football game in a sports bar.   My team won of course.   I was so enjoying being able to laugh with Jack.  Before his game, we grabbed a couple of drinks and headed to the room …..



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