A letter for Jack


Dear Jack ~

Remember what beautiful weekend we had when we first met?  Those memories I can never forget.  Some days I want to forget.  Other days I hope I never do.

Remember walking along the river hand in hand stopping every few minutes just to hold each other?   Remember the moonlight on my face when you told me?

Remember that blanket we took to the lake but ended up not really needing because all we could find were rocks to sit on?

Remember how we dared to take the bottle of wine and wine glasses to the lake where no glass was allowed, laughing at ourselves if “this” is how we were to get caught?

Remember sitting in that dessert bar eating the bananas foster while I read  the emails and looked at pictures on your phone from the past six months,   especially the erotic ones I sent to you when you were on vacation with your wife.  Did I really write that stuff?

Remember kissing each other for what could have been the last time at the airport?  I will never forget the look on your face when you turned around and waived goodbye.

I don’t have any of those emails anymore.  The poetry and pictures have long since been deleted.  But I do still have that blanket.  In time it will be worn out and thrown away, just as I was.

Always ~ Jackie


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