Pumpkin Pancakes


thIt came time to leave and we had a little time to go get breakfast.  I am not sure how hungry he was after the feast he just had.   For someone who would never allow his cum in my mouth he had no problems allowing my cum to flow into his.

We left the hotel and headed to breakfast.   There was a festival in town so everything was packed.   We stopped at a little place that looked like an old house that was converted into a restaurant.   The wait was a little long but instead of waiting he pushed our way into the bar and we got a couple seats, that was after he had to re-park the car for me.  HaHa, I am laughing just thinking about it.   My driving skills?  Yeah, I don’t think I impressed him with those.    He ordered eggs benedict and I ordered pumpkin pancakes.    The food was delish.  When we were waiting on our food we talked about how old this house must be and listened to the wooden floors creak.   Jack, well he is kind of a geek into new gadgets.   God, how it turned me on though.   I asked him “You don’t like old things do you?”   Without skipping a beat he replied “I like you.”   I almost spit my water out.  I think we were both a little surprised he actually said that out loud.   We laughed and he cupped my face in his hands and he kissed me so sweetly and gave me a hug.  It made me feel good.  I knew he was very comfortable with me to be able to say that.

Truth is I am 10 years older than him.   I often wonder what if I weren’t.  What if I were ten years younger and able to give him a child.   What if?   Our age does not change the fact that we are from different cultures.   And we speak a different language.   And there are different expectations of us.  I live as a free spirit.  He lives for others.  As much as I want to hate him for that, I actually admire him just as much.

After breakfast I took him back to the airport.   I got out of the car and kissed him goodbye, not knowing if I would ever see him again.   I gave him a ring that my Mom had given me with the inscription “Love Waits”.   It was a little dainty ring.  I didn’t expect him to wear it.   Just to have it and to look at it every now and then and remember that love waits.   And it does.


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