We made love that day


AD-SH4505I chose this picture because I believe what is says.  “Love Never Fails”.   The problem I am having is that I have to question our love.  Not my love but his love for me.   Did he really love me, or was he infatuated with my existence?   He said he would love me forever and never grow tired of saying those words.   That was a lie.

I do know what we shared on what was to be our last night together was real.   Many emotions and thoughts were running through my mind as I lay next to him.   Should I be happy for the time we had together?  Should I be sad that it is coming to an end?  At some point I fell to sleep with him by my side.

I woke up in the darkness of the night to him running his fingers ever so lightly over the curves of my body.   I wondered what was going through his head.   He pulled me closer and kissed me on my forehead for what seemed to be forever.   I think that is when he decided to give in to his feelings.  He kissed one eyelid and then the other before kissing me gently on the lips.   His fingers played with my nipples until they were hard and firm.   As he moved downward to suck on my nipples his hand moved to the puddle of wetness between my legs.  He played for a moment with my clit before inserting his finder inside of me, all the while sucking on one nipple and then the other.   I was moaning with pleasure and begging him to come inside of me.

I reached down and felt his dick.   It was hot.  And hard.  Harder than ever.   I caressed his balls with one hand and played with his nipple with the other.  Before long it was not me that was begging.  As he mounted on top of me I rubbed the head of his dick up and down my wet pussy before I raised my hips and inserted him.   With one thrust our bodies were rocking in unison.  Moaning.  Aching.  Enjoying.  I couldn’t pull him deep enough inside of me.   I wanted all of him.   I never wanted this feeling to end.  With our hearts beating faster and faster and sweat running down our bodies, we both climaxed and came at the same time.

Nearing the end, as he laid on top of me, I whispered “I love you Jack.”

Although we were in darkness, he pushed my hair away from my face as if he could see me.   “I love you Jackie, I love you so much.”  He had let me in.

It was at that moment I knew that what was supposed to be a fun and exciting once in a lifetime experience was going to be so much more.   When I woke up the next morning, I smiled my crooked smile as he went to shower.   I laid there wondering what I was going to do now.   What were we going to do?  Tears rolled down my face …..

We were both married.


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