The Day We Met ….


airplaneI remember the day we met as though it were yesterday.   We were able to meet in a little town and drive a little over an hour to our destination.    I was to pick him up at the airport.   I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t.   It was difficult texting him because I was so excited.

Then it happened.  I remember hearing his voice sneak up behind me saying “You look like you would be someone from Jackson.” I had imagined myself kissing him passionately when I saw him for the first time, but that didn’t happen.   All I wanted to do was stand there in his arms forever.   I had waited for so long to be in his arms.  It felt so good.  So right.

While walking out to the car I had to stop him twice just to kiss him and hug him.  To lay my head on his chest and smell the scent of his body.   In retrospect I think he may have been a little disappointed that I am so much shorter than he is.   It’s not that I am short.  It’s that he is tall.   OK, maybe it is a little of both.  Whatever it was we both got over it very quickly.

For the drive from the airport to the hotel we stopped a few times just to look at each other.   OK, we may have touched each other a few times too.  It was hard to believe we were finally together.   We climbed in the back seat of the car at a Home Depot parking lot.   That was interesting.   No, not what you are thinking.   But had there been more room in that car …. who knows what would have happened.

Before we drove to the hotel we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant to eat.  I’m not really sure why.  We were both hungry but only for each other.   We ordered.  We ate.  The food was horrible.  But sitting there with him and being able to touch each other as we laughed was so beautiful.   Natural.  Comfortable.  I remember joking with him “What if we don’t know how to talk to each other when we meet?  We will have to grab our phones and text each other all night”    Communication was no problem.   Nothing was a problem.    Except maybe the fact that he was married to someone else and so was I.

We finally made it to the hotel ….


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