intended to make love but ended up having great sex


th9RS5LF82We couldn’t get parked fast enough.  We couldn’t get checked in quick enough.   The elevator seemed exceedingly slow.   My heart was beating faster and faster.    I inserted the card key into the door and we stepped inside.  Once the door closed it was on.

We had waited close to six months to be together.   We chatted.  We emailed.  We talked on the phone.  We had fallen in love.  But we had not had the chance to touch each other until now.

We had both imagined what it would be like.   We talked about what we would do many times.   We ran it through our minds over and over.   It is what kept us going.   It’s what made us feel alive.  It gave us meaning.  It gave us purpose.   It gave us hope.

As much as we both tried to take it slow and make it last, the pressure had been building for way too long.   We found ourselves ripping our own clothes off our bodies because he couldn’t get mine off fast enough and I couldn’t get his off fast enough.    We kissed.  We caressed.   But want I really wanted was to feel him inside of me.   I ached for him.   I wanted him.   And he wanted me.

I’m getting bothered as I write.  My heart rate is going up.   I want to spread my legs as I did when we were together.   Only now he is not here.   But if I close my eyes I can feel him on top of me, between my legs penetrating me with what I had claimed as mine.   I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

“Babe, please.  I want to feel you come inside of me.” I whispered.

“Can I?  Can I come now?” He asked.

Within minutes what had been building up for months was over.   As we laid in each others arms, my head on his chest, his cum was running out of me.    Satisfied in a way that she could not please him and he could not please me.


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