Why Bother?



Dear Jack:
Finally good weather here.  Out watching cover bands on patios at small clubs. “Wish you were here” playing. I can’t get you out of my head. No matter how good he is .. he is not you.   I miss you so much Jack.   I wish you were you and we were us.

Dear Jackie:
It is what it is.  I have accepted things how they are. I am sorry I keep hurting you this way. I do love you.

Dear Jack:
I understand what you are saying babe, I really do.

Acceptance is not for me though Jack
It numbs you and makes you weak
It kills your spirit and worst of all
It takes away your hope.

I do not hurt anymore
Because my heart has healed
And soon my memories will fade
Even so, I will still be yours.

Because I love you.
I love you now.
And I will love you always.

There is nothing you can do
And there is nothing you can say
To change that.  So I hope one day
You will stop trying.

That day, you will accept what is.


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