A Flower for Jack

If I could talk to you
I would tell you how much I love you
and miss you everyday

But since I can’t talk to you
I tell myself
what a selfish bastard you are

If I could hear you
I would listen to you tell me
everything I want to hear

But since I can’t hear you
I listen to myself cry in agony
over the pain you have caused

If I could see you
I would look into your eyes
and allow you to feel what I feel

But since I can’t see you
I look into the mirror
and see an image of disgust

If I could touch you
I would outline your lips with my finger
before I kiss you softly with desire

But since I can’t touch you
I have slit my wrists
and slowly die in a puddle of blood

Happy Valentine’s Day Jack … XXXOOO


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