Love before first sight?


i knewWe talked.  Or lets say we chatted.   We chatted a lot.  He made me laugh like no one else before him.   His witty sense of humor.   His brilliance.   His charm.   He knew what to say and when to say it.   We chatted for weeks before he even knew what I looked like, but had already told me he was falling in love with me.  I had only seen a small icon of him.   By the time we got around to exchanging photos, I really did not care what he looked like.  He was already a part of me.   He was mine.  I must confess that when he told me he was from another country and spoke with an accent I was more curious than anything.   Intrigued so to speak.  People from his country had a reputation.   When the men spoke the women bowed.   Would I be turned off by his accent?  Should I leave well enough alone and limit this to strictly an online romance, one of the mind and the soul, not of the body?  If only.  If only I had done that.  Maybe our fairytale would still be alive.


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