Innocence Lost


holding onI remember so clearly when we first met.   I tried to run but something kept drawing me back to him, and him back to me.  It was all quite innocent.   We were playing one of those games you can download and say short snippets as you play like “Nice Move” or “Awesome Play” or “Aren’t you the badass?”.   He was selected as a random player.   I didn’t pick him.   He didn’t pick me.  We live miles apart.  Yet we still met. Fate?  Destiny?

Short snippets turned into long texting conversations, the exchanging of emails and pictures, phone calls and secret rendezvous.   We both knew it could go no where, yet it went everywhere.   We are from different cultures.   We speak different languages.   We are years apart in age.   We are taken by others.  Still, he completed me. And I completed him.

How can something so right be so wrong? How can it feel so good yet hurt so much?  It’s so hard.  Hard to hold on.  Hard to let go.


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